What I Do

----It can take more than 3 months to receive a final medical determination from the Disability office. I will only accept cases in which I feel confident that we can expedite your case processing time.

----Did you know that your past work could also be a determining factor for your disability claim?

----I can help you if: you have a history of a neurological/musculoskeletal disorder with obesity (BMI greater than 40).

----I can help you if: you are over 55 with an impairment, less than 12 years of education, and have done heavy manual labor.

****My fee for assisting you will be$150.

**** If you only need assistance with filling out your application (SSA-3368-BK) and no other forms then the cost to you will be $100. If at any time, you feel that you would like additional help completing other forms then the charge will be $35 for assisting with the Activities of Daily Living (SSA-3373-BK), and $60 to fill out your work history ( SSA-3369-BK).